Neos Developer Docs

Neos CMS 7 Months #docs
Text 'Neos Community Award' over screenshots of the redesign, in the lower left corners is the Neos logo with the text 'Community Award 2023'

I overhauled the design for the Neos CMS developer documentation, focusing on a better structure, visual attractiveness, and a simpler navigation for beginners. For this work, I received the Neos Community Award. Blogpost about the Redesign

SRF Deville 1 Week #website
Dominican Republic Foreign Office Now Let's Naturalize is a project by SRF Deville. The audience can get naturalized in the Dominican Republic and have a say in Dominic Deville's Swiss voting rights. You can also download a personalized passport as a PDF.

Camp Planning Tool

Swiss Scouts free time #webapp
Logo of eCamp v3

eCamp is an open source web app that helps youth groups plan their summer camps and courses. It includes features like a calendar view, detailed programs, and material lists. As part of the core team, I develop the user interaction, the design, and the Vue.js frontend.

Practical Bachelor's Thesis

Studies 3 Months #explainer
Sara and Alfred Escher standing in Baden, the word 'ZeitZug' written above

ZeitZug tells the story of the railway in Switzerland in 5 short, animated explanatory videos for children. The videos are packaged in a Vuetify web app to enable school classes to make their museum visits individual and interactive.

Die Fichen Affäre – Web Series

Studies 6 Weeks #website
Eyes watching in the foreground the logo 'Die Fichen Affäre'

As part of the Crossmedia Module, a web series was created for the 30th anniversary of the secret files scandal. For this, I programmed the website using fullPage.js, interviewed various individuals, and organized a screening of our content with the team.


SRF Deville 1 Week #website
Blurry image of the National Council chamber. "Who will be the next truancy king? Bet now for the Autumn session 2021"

Nationalraten is a satirical guessing game by SRF Deville. The audience can bet on the "truancy queens and kings" of the current / upcoming session. I programmed the website using PHP and fed it with parliamentary data.

Apéro Film Intro

Karpi 2 Weeks #animation
Olive in space as a world. Impaled by a toothpick. Universal intro style font above.

For the movie "Vagenda Stories", I created an intro for Apéro Film that spoofs the Universal intro. The soundtrack is just a placeholder. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, the intro could not be used.

Zurich Film Festival

ZFF 3 Weeks #videos
In the foreground: Green carpet opening night. In the background: Karl Spoerri, Artistic Director ZFF on the ZFF Green Carpet.

With fellow students, I produced the ZFF Daily for the Zurich Film Festival. I hosted the Opening Night, published a film tip, and conducted an interview with Guillaume Brac, a French director.

Dini Mueter Bot

Studies 2 Weeks #bot
Website that looks like a smartphone

The Dini Mueter Bot was created as part of the Social Media Module in collaboration with Jasmine Jacot. The objective of the game is to get money from your mother for a festival. There are various possible outcomes. I programmed the interactive bot myself.

Der Unifant

Unicef CH 6 Weeks #explainer
A blue elephant sticks its trunk in a teacher's mouth. The teacher is standing in front of a blackboard and is not listening.

Together with Unicef Switzerland, Eva Grätzer and I created explanatory videos about child hearings. The animations and the story aim to make complex concepts understandable for children.
Article on

Abgefahren – Adliswil bis Zürich HB

tsü 4 Weeks #video
Red illuminated entrance to ZSU in Zurich main station

"Abgefahren" is an audiovisual slideshow about the train driver Boris Maracic, who works for the ZSU. In the driver's cabin, he takes us on a ride to the Uetliberg. I accompanied him, took photos and recorded audio.

10-Second Animation Film

Studies 1 Week #animation
Colored cuckoo clock with text "Apple Watch"

In the Animation Module with William Crook, the task was to invent a visual story for a given audioclip. I only used objects that I found in our study room for my film.

ZHdK Admission Project

Studies 1 Week #animation
The White House made of paper with a lighted window. A figure in the foreground looks over a wall.

For the admission process at the Zurich University of the Arts, I had to develop a product on the theme "überschreiten". I was inspired by the election of Donald Trump and created a stop motion animation.
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free time occasionally #photo
Selection of Photos

I love taking photographs. I find it fascinating to depict the world photographically as I see it with my own eyes. I publish selected photos on Instagram. In addition, I also photograph at events.