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Stop Motion Projects

My fascination with animation began in 2007 when my father attended a teacher training course “ICT in School”. There, he learned how to create stop motion animations.
Since my sister and I were roughly the same age as my father’s school children, we had to be the guinea pigs and try to create a stop motion animation ourselves. This was our first attempt:

First try

I am particularly proud of my second video “Schnelle Fahrt”. The idea was conceived on December 25, 2007, when I got bored on Christmas and built a shopping cart out of wire.

Schnelle Fahrt

Most of the time, dollhouse furniture or Playmobil items had to serve as props:

Grosser Einkauf

As you can see in the playlist, I continued with the motif “house on a street”. By the way, these videos are not on my channel because at that time I wasn’t allowed to create a YouTube account yet.

Check out the entire playlist: My Stop Motion Films and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos.