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ZHdK Admission Project

Resulting Video

In addition to the entrance exam at ZHdK, a product had to be created in a short amount of time.

Trump was just inaugurated when the theme “überschreiten” for the project was announced. Therefore, Trump immediately came to mind, as he clearly crosses an invisible line in political discourse and wants to build walls.

With the voice of Donald Trump, I want to provoke discomfort. His narcissism and unpredictability are frightening. His voice supports the visual content and guides the audience through the story.

When the black figure takes a run-up, it appears on the other side of the picture. With this, I want to show that the wall is only a symbol and not really an obstacle.


Camera, computer, and softboxes

First, I created the shots with the wall from a bird’s eye view. The wall is made up of yellow Reclam Universal Library books.

Colored paper as a green meadow
What “freedom” actually looks like.
Picture of the camera and a cupboard lying on its side and used as a table.
The table at which Trump triggers the nuclear bomb.

The White House is cut out of paper and appears three-dimensional due to the shadow effect of the staging.

The White House made out of paper